📎NFT Royalties Settings

Setting Royalties on the NestX Marketplace as a Project Owner

  1. Head to the following address on your wallet that has ownership of the NFT Contract:

    1. Click here for Cronos: Cronos Scan

    2. Click here for Polygon: Polygon Scan

    3. Click here for Ethereum: Ether Scan

    4. Click here for Shibarium: Shibarium Scan

  2. Click "Connect to Web3" at the top of the page or if your collection is on Shibarium, click "Connect Wallet".

  3. Head to the "SetNftRoyaltyFeeAsOwner" Function.

  4. Fill in your details as follows and click "Write" (note: a small gas fee will be required to set the royalties).

  5. The nftContract field should be the contract address of your NFT Collection.

  6. The feeReceive address should be the address you would like to allocate to collection royalties from (this can be the address you're using or any other address you wish to use)

  7. The royaltyFeePercentage is the percentage value you wish your royalties to be for your collection.

  8. The royaltyFeeDenominator can be used to set a more precise royalty fee.

  9. For example, for a 6% Royalty Fee, you would set the royaltyFeePercentage to 6 and the royaltyFeeDenominator to 100


  • The maximum royalty percentage is 10% on the NestX NFT Marketplace.

  • If you're unable to set your own NFT Royalty, a ticket can be opened on our official Discord where our Phenix team will verify your ownership and set it on your behalf.

  • Keep in mind that your royalty fee is taken at the expense of the seller. Higher royalty fees may discourage people from listing your NFTs.

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