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NestX marketplace provides fast and easy NFT trading, collecting, or drop services. By using the NestX marketplace services, you get access to a wide range of NFTs. From community-driven projects to game passes and collectible artworks!

With just one click, you can access different chains and explore even more NFTs. NestX will be introduced to Cronos Chain, Polygon Network, and Ethereum Blockchain. This is the start of the NESTX NFT journey because more chains will follow!

With our special API server integration, the collection loading will go fast and in high quality! The high quality will let you enjoy even more from your collected NFTs!

Platform fee

NestX introduced a low and competitive platform fee of 0.5% to 1.5%.

By holding selected NFT collections, users will receive a discount on the platform fee based on the amount (selected) NFTs they hold.

For example: if you hold ten of the selected NFTs on the Cronos Chain, the platform fee will be lowered to 0.5% for that specific chain. Your personal platform fee will be calculated automatically by holding the selected NFTs in your wallet.

Platform fee discount collections

The selected NFT collections that provide you with platform fee discounts are:

Cronos Chain: Flaming Phenix Club NFTs Cronos collection

Polygon Network: Flaming Phenix Club NFTs Polygon collection

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