NestX tip: before collecting NFTs always do your own research to verify the authenticity and utility of the NFT!

Welcome to NestX Marketplace. Your marketplace for NFT trading, collecting, discovering, and launching NFT collections on Cronos, Polygon, and Ethereum Blockchain (coming soon)!

NestX provides all services you as a collector or distributor need; easy, fast, and with one click, you can access a wide range of NFTs and communities on different chains!

What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital items stored on a specific blockchain, from artwork, game items, member cards, and more.

Everyone can view your NFTs, but ownership belongs to the collector that holds the NFT in his wallet.

NFTs can be sold, transferred, burned, or collected using your wallet. Every transaction will be stored on the blockchain because the blockchain records all history. You can view how often your NFT has been transferred or what project created your NFT.

Once sent, you can't undo your transaction. This makes it important never to share your wallet phrase or click on links received by direct messages.

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